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Working with your Developer as a Client or Designer

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Today I would like to point out Developers are not designers! There are those who posses both skills, however, you need to put on different hats for the different skill sets required to act in the two. For those of us who require a visual aspect, I found this online for you

Web Designer VS Web Developer

differences between a web designer and web developer


Project Scope works!

Say it with me people…Project Scopes works. It is a fact of life that having a plan is a great start to anything. Why do you think there are so many insurance companies? You need a plan for life, a plan for education, a plan for your life and obviously a plan for design and development. This project scope ensures all parties involved understands the objectives and knows how to get their as quickly as possible.



This is a detailed description of how you would like your website to function. The design might be perfect but you need to let your developer know exactly how you would like things presented online. This is an excellent time to ask questions on whether or not your budget would cover all of your functionality mentioned or if that particular aspect is possible online Some designs can be pretty imaginative when it comes to the realm of web development! I would know.


Content Creation

It is always best to have your content (images, text, icons, video, other media) available immediately for your developer to inspect. Although it may be convenient to you to pass content when it becomes available, it is always best practice to have all of the content up front. Your developer would love you for this because it will allow them to work effortlessly and non stop at your project. Most times they would even be able to complete the project sooner once everything is readily available.



Always try to communicate with your developer clearly and in a language he would understand. For example, saying “I want the menu to look nicer” does not give him much to work with however if you stated “I would like the menu to have a quicker response time when the mouse hovers over it” You must have an idea as to what you want…it is up to you to present it in a clear and concise manner so your developer can fix any issues quickly and to your liking.


Web Development is not perfect

No matter how many times you turn it, web development is not a perfect art. Please refer to the image of a web designer and web developer and notice the vast differences in attire! The sooner you understand this is the better your project will be. Web  Development tries to incorporate the majority but not entirety.  You need to have an average idea as it relates to your potential visitors and their lifestyle, browser types AND versions in order to assist your developer. Contrary to popular belief, a web developer is not a mind reader, we cannot magically know what you are thinking without you telling us. Assist us by assisting yourself and get the information before hand. This is where a project scope comes in as well.


Think ten steps ahead

Once the development starts it is on. We are in a constantly forward moving vehicle. To turn back for any mundane tasks are extremely time consuming and may cost you a couple more dollars upfront. The reason for this is because before a project is started, there is a lot of planning involved. Some developers take a couple of hours to plan out your entire project, others may take a couple of days but regardless of the timeframe, there is extensive thought processes taking place which needs to be appreciated. This is why it is highly important for a client / designer to provide all files upfront and in 100% complete stage. Anytime you may a “minor” revision could spell disaster for a developer. The foundation he built your project on could crumble because of a small design or functionality change. Take into consideration a regular xhtml / css website and a responsive xhtml5 and css 3 website. A client could originally request an xhtml site with a static logo…the moment they change their mind to include a rotating logo (functionality and project scope comes into play here) could spell disaster especially when a project is 90% completed. Please review all information as often as you can before contacting your developer. This can save you time and money in the long run.


Always Review your developer’s skills and services to you

Always be willing to leave a review for your developer. This helps other clients who are looking for similar services to be performed which in turn provides additional revenue for your developer. They will thank you for the good word and I am sure they will be much more responsive to your questions and requests. It’s a fact of life that if you do good by others, good things will always follow you. Leaving your developer in a better standing would be a blessing to you as well.

Is that it?

Actually no. :) You should always do your due diligence when selecting your web developer for your project. Not all developers are within the same class and you should understand what is required for your project and how it relates to the type of developer you are speaking to now. If your developer would not take the time to explain certain things to you then I suggest you move on mainly because when the project starts he may not be ready or in-tuned to your project to deliver it both on time and in good shape. Code must always be systematic, organized and being SEO friendly is a plus.



Do your homework BEFORE and AFTER. Do the home on the developer before you start and do your homework after the project is completed or near completion if the developer does not provide after sales support to ensure you got the website’s functionality exactly how you described it to them. Again, this will save you both time and money.


Have a great surf


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