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Ubersmith Custom Order Form Project for Starhosting.com and CloudMega.net

Hello Readers,

We hardly take the time to update you on our recent project updates via blog but this one deserves a special mention. Not all the time one has the pleasure of working with great clients such as the ones of Starhosting and CloudMega companies.

They contacted us about undertaking a complex Ubersmith Custom Order Form with Enom API integration for their unique webhosting business which we were more than happy to assist with. They knew this project required a keen eye for detail together with a high level of quality coding and experienced developers and this was the main reason for contacting us to complete this. We, knowing of the processes involved, got to work on their project almost instantly. We advised them of the time it would take together with the best business practices when going live with their Custom Ubersmith Order form.

With these things in mind, we managed to complete this project from start to finish flawlessly. We completed this project in 3 main phases which involved:-

Phase 1 – Development – This phase highlighted the core aspects of the form such as the input fields, credit card processor integrations, validation outputs along with other core functional aspects of this form. This was completed by Mr Dan Berliner who graciously agreed to complete this aspect. His level of expertise and years of skill proved to be an excellent compliment to our project goals.

Phase 2 – Design – This phase simply integrated the form into the client’s website to ensure their visitors felt at home when ordering with them. The client supplied us with some sample design files which we used to obtain the Hex codes for their specific colour schemes to implement a beautiful masterpiece which you see now.

Phase 3 – Calculator Module – This phase was added later down the project queue mainly due to the client having further insight into how they would like the form to function. We managed to successful sync this phase with phase 2 while still keeping project deadlines for the client.

Main Features of this Custom Ubersmith Order Form

  • Full integration with Ubersmith backend using the Ubersmith API
  • Validation measures to check for name input, email, CC details and other basic account information
  • Full design integration with client’s website colour scheme
  • Fully functional calculator module to which totals the price for the client upon package selections
  • Step by Step order process for easy layout and appealing style
  • Cross browser compatibility across main browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
  • Cross platform compatibility between most versions of Windows xp. vista and Windows 7 along with Lion Os platform for Mac users

You can view this project within our portfolio located here : http://hostultimo.com/our-portfolio/

Phase 1: Ubersmith Basic form functions without styles

Phase 1: Ubersmith Basic Form Functions without styles by Dan Berliner




Phase 2 & 3 combined: style and calculator module for Ubersmith

Phase 2 & 3 combined: style and calculator module for Ubersmith




Step 4 in the Ubersmith order process with validation working

Step 4 in the Ubersmith order process with validation working


Over all the project was a success and we would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to complete their Ubersmith Custom Order Form and look forward to their continued growth in the hosting industry.

Let us know what you think. We are always eager to here from you!

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