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8 Cool Calender Design

Calender Designs might not seem that important as opposed to getting your business card design or maybe even your flier designed, but I can assure you as night turns to day and vice versa, it is very important. A lot of Insurance agencies still use this form of advertising for its customer base since most insurance policy holders might only visit the office once per year or may not even visit until there is a problem! This assures Insurance Companies that their company would remain in the forefront of their client’s minds any time they have to look up a date or mark down an important event. You can take advantage of this form of advertising too….just send us a mail to get started today! We don’t disappoint! Enjoy the post.

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Let your Business Strive in Any Economy

Today, you have a striving business that’s on top of the world, then, all of a sudden your business begins to slow down. New sign-ups are difficult to get and you find it even harder to convince current customers of their need for your product or service. Your business slips away and you don’t know what to do to bring it back to number one again.

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Amusing Popular Caricature!

caricature is really a big word for saying modified picture. When drawn, it can distort the actual facial and bodily characteristics to give the look of a family face .

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Receive PayPal payments in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello Folks,

There was a pleasant surprise today for all PayPal users in Trinidad and Tobago. You are now given the option to receive payments into your paypal account just like any other.

This additional feature does come with transaction fees but the fees are not that bad compared to other merchants. Both Merchants and Personal accounts will be able to receive and send payments from their account from now on.

For additional reading, you may visit the paypal website for information on the matter. If you can’t find the information we may edit this post to include the links later on.


[shows Trinidad and Tobago added to the list of countries to send and receive payments via paypal]

[shows the fees charged for Trinidad and Tobago nationals to receive payments in their country via paypal]

[also shows a list of fees charged for Trinidad and Tobago nationals to receive payments in their country via paypal]

Thank you for reading.

Host Ultimo LLC family

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Hello readers,

Today Host Ultimo Ltd has some great news for you. We have recently implemented the payment gateway and would like to have a grand celebration!

We are giving you 30 percent off any purchase from now till Friday 22nd April 2011 when you order using our payment gateway and applying the coupon code so take advantage of this offer today.

You can save on services such as
Branded Mobile Messaging
Web design
Web Hosting
Logo Design
Corporate Identity Kits
And much much more

Any order which is placed using another payment gateway using the coupon code will be cancelled and refunded. You muist use the payment gateway for Host Ultimo Ltd to qualify for your 30 percent off.

We wish you all the best in your future business endeavours and hope to see you again soon

From the management and staff of
Host Ultimo Ltd

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Carnival Web Design Special

Hey Folks,

Host Ultimo Ltd has yet another promotion for this month.


We are giving away FIVE FREE PRE DESIGNED WEBSITES to five lucky individuals or companies.

Now is the time to get your website today.

All you have to do is email us at telling us why we should choose you to give away a predesigned website and you could win!

There are two categories to choose from. They are:-

* Business
* Sole Trader (persons who would like a personal website could apply in this category)

If you know of someone who is really in need of a website but does not want to pay for one you can show them this message to get the ball rolling.

This is a once in a life time opportunity!!!!



1. Must be 18 years or older to part take
Must be a member of our fan page, twitter or facebook group.
Must be prepared to provide your content for your website eg pictures, logo, text.
Website is only 3 pages any additional would be an added cost
This does not include a free domain name and hosting. Those are an additional cost and must be taken with Host Ultimo Ltd
All links placed on the website must be left intact but can be removed for a small fee

Join us today on

Facebook =!/group.php?gid=50015183195&ref=ts

Fan Page =!/pages/Miami-FL/Host-Ultimo-LTD/172569813398?ref=ts

Twitter =

Call us for more info

Trinidad and Tobago: 1.868.620.0591

The Host Ultimo Ltd Family

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Please help Haiti for the earthquake

Hello again,

As a company we see always see the need to help our fellowmen when they are in trouble and as such we are doing our part by broadcasting a donation service for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

We all know that Haiti has suffered a massive earthquake and we need to do our part as Human Beings to help this nation in this time of need. We have already showed our support for Haiti during their time of need. Now it is your turn. Give to Haiti today and have a better life tomorrow.

Please help Haiti.

Text “HAITI” to code GIVE (4483) to donate $10.00 TTD. Bmobile sends all proceeds to Medianet & Red Cross Relief Funds. Give to save a life TODAY.

Host Ultimo Ltd Family



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New Design; Almost a New Year

Hello once again,

If you haven’t visited Host Ultimo Ltd’s website in some time then you would be surprised to know that we implemented a new design! Yes we did  :) . With all the growth we experienced from within the Web Hosting section of the company, we decided it was time for a fresh new look for our clients. With this new design, we implemented a “specials” page HERE in which we will be posting all of our monthly and random specials to.

We are in the process of offering Reseller and VPS plans to our clients as well. That does not mean that we will be moving away from our web design services. No No No. We have found the need to offer these services as an added benefit to our exiting web design clients who owns many different websites and do not want to pay for multiple shared hosting accounts. We have added two more members to our tech support who are assigned to handle any VPS server trouble.

We have also improved on our ordering system. A ssl certificate was recently purchased to secure any data being transmitted on our site. If you are on a particular site and would like the benefit of having the https displayed in your browser simply add the “s” at the end of “http” and you would be secured throughout your time on the site.

We would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for visiting our site and we do hope that we meet someday in the near future. I personally would like to remind everyone that global warming affects us all and we should seriously consider the environment before we litter and pollute our oceans, streets, parks and homes.  Thank you again for visiting our blog. Have an excellent day.

Host Ultimo Ltd


phone: 1.888.431.5743


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