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Short Comparison: Ubersmith VS WHMCS Billing System

If you have ever signed up for Commercial Web Hosting or probably dabbled in the Web Host business industry, chances are you would have came across one of these two wonderful billing systems used by your provider. Some hosts prefer Ubersmith as opposed to WHMCS while some clients may argue the former is more pleasing to use than the latter. Today, we will be looking at both based on several key factors web hosts should consider before opting for either one as their main tool for client – business interactions.

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Mairoon Ali | Life of any party

Mairoon Ali the great

Mairoon Ali the great

“The Winner”, “A Champ”, “All Start Performer”. Those are just some of the words that pop into my head when I hear the name Mairoon Ali. She is an an inspiration to us all who have devoted much deserved time and effort to ensure the young people of Trinidad and Tobago does not go wayward by the road side. She is a devoted mother and an exceptional performer who always seeks for betterment for her nation and also for herself.

Full of life and zeal and always on her toes when it comes to current events no matter how old those current events were. Her great knowledge of History , Arts and Culture has given her great insight into the workings of her Trinidad and Tobago comrades. So much so that she could make even the “stubbonist” of all men hold their belly laughing while doing a back flip drinking a milky.

Although she is a queen in her own right she preferred the name Aunty and Aunty Mairoon at that! She has become a part of everyone’s family had many homes because of this. She is the life of any party you attend. Any function you pop into. She is always the center of attention. She loves it and we love her.

Do you remember when I said that Aunty Mairoon has many homes? Well she visited one of them today and will be back shortly. I would like to take the moment to thank Aunty Mairoon for the life she shared with us all and she will truly be missed in this dark hour. Only now I understand why she had to go. Only now may we begin to understand the inner most workings of the system and that is that the Almighty father wanted his Angel back. He needed to laugh as we have laughed. He needed that inner most joy as we have felt. He needed simply to feel the compassion for others like Aunty Mairoon has given to us.

“The Winner”, “A Champ”, “All Start Performer”. Those are just some of the words that pop into my head when I hear the name Mairoon Ali but never dead. Mairoon Ali, you were always the life of the party and would truly be missed.

Name: Justin Scipio

Title: Just one of the many persons in Trinidad and Tobago Aunty Mairoon Ali has touched with her creativity and zeal

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