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SSDs Vs Hard Drives – A Webhosting Perspective

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the way of the future for mission critical business websites. As with anything. time brings change. Today, I would be discussing the massive changes SSDs have made for the Web Hosting Industry in particular. Traditional hard drives are a thing of the past. The future is SSD and it’s here to sweep you off your feet.


SSDs vastly out performs Hard Drives by miles. Maybe why it is considered to be the premium choice for those serious database website owners and marketing professionals alike. It’s small and compact size may not look like much in person but this little guy really packs a punch when it comes to performance. Even boot up times are faster and rendering or calling upon information stored on these devices are 100% improved with SSDs.



Although SSDs are indeed smaller and compact in size. It does cost more initially however it pays for itself in the long run since it saves in power consumption even when it is in idle mode! Just to give you a rough idea on the power consumption figures, SSDs use less than 2W as opposed to its counterpart which uses 6W so they are very cost effective. Solid State Drives are also at least 50% lighter than the traditional Hard Drive which makes it cost effective to ship larger quantities. You definitely save in bulk.


Durable and Quiet

This is one of the main features I personally love with SSDs over Hard Drives. They are so quiet in your machine. Your server fan might make more noise than this since SSDs have no movable parts. Solid State Drives is designed with NAND flash built upon circuit boards to ensure of the integrity of the product. It is also shock resistant which is a major game changer for hosting technicians around the globe. Everything is so compact and built to perfection that you would simply love it. Non moveable parts also makes SSDs so durable. Your data lasts longer on these guaranteed. (well not my guarantee since I am religious on backups :) ) Did I mention that Solid State Drives require less power to perform their daily functions which adds to its durability and quietness.



Solid State Drives signals to the hosting world that we are definitely moving in the right direction in innovation since it saves time to render various websites, cooler, saves on power consumption especially when you have to consider how many servers one datacenter would have to house. It is also more durable and just has an overall sexy design to fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket with ease. I would definitely recommend web masters and marketing professionals upgrade their mediocre traditional hard drives with a faster and more reliable hard drive especially if they are running serious and mission critical business websites.



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