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Should I update my site regularly?

When it comes to search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo to name a few, there is no reason why you shouldn’t update web site on a regular basis. These information hogs need it to keep them alive but most of all, they need it to keep your site alive when people search for content. Fresh content says that you are always active and not out dated. You are hip and new! You want to be seen by the WORLD.

World Wide Web has a Spider behind it

Your site is on the world wide web. Who do you think manages this web? Spiders of course! Search engines sends out bots and spiders to index your pages. Indexing can also be known as reading and categorizing your pages in the event that you have information someone wants. The more updates, the more the bots and spiders will visit you. Your page might be filled with cobweb and loose screws hanging around when they leave but you will surely be noticed when they are gone.


Watch what you say…it’s monitored

Although the bots may visit your web pages often, that does not mean that other people will visit your site as well or that they will give you a good rating for simply placing a lot of pages on your site. The content needs to have substance to it. It needs to be relevant to your target market, domain and meta data implemented. You should always strive to have unique content which is filled with words to match your topic of discussion while still being relevant.


How often is too often then?

There is no set number of times you should update your site in this crazy realm of the World Wide Web. You can update everyday or every hour, even every minute but just keep in mind that the content must be relevant and meaningful to your heading, site and target audience. The content you add does not have to be long drawn out paragraphs either, they can be short but relevant updates which will bring the level of credibility to your site that it needs.


Link you later!

That’s right, Link you later! This is an often forgotten step of SEO rankings and a gourmet meal for information seekers such as yourself. Once you work on the above steps of having regularly updated and meaningful content, you will succeed with this last step which is Link building. Other people such as yourself will want to link directly to your content which will then prove to Google, MSN and Yahoo that your content is truly meaningful since others want to link to it as well. The more people that link to your content, is the more important that content becomes.



Always try to have regular and targeted content and your site will prosper amongst the giants in any industry. Always take the time to update and review your site information to have accurate, recent content so your visitors will be well informed as well.

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