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Search Engine Optimization [SEO] explained

To some, Search Engine Optimization [SEO] might be a daunting task while for others it could be a walk in the park. I am here to let you know exactly what SEO is and how you might be able to get a handle on things because once you can explain it, you can begin to make sense of it!

What is Search Engine Optimization [S.E.O.] ?

SEO sells out itself really. Search Engine Optimization deals with exactly that, “Search Engines” like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and even Ask Jeeves [I know you haven't heard that one in a while :) ]. SEO is the skill of mastering the algorithms of the various Search Engines to achieve it better ranking when your keywords are searched for. In addition to mastering those Search Engines, you also have to master your presentation in terms of layout and coding conducts of your site for visitors as well. Your site must be properly layered to ensure it is easy for viewing contact vs graphics and many of conveniences of your page. SEO can assist you in generating huge amounts of traffic when done correctly through various techniques such as link building, forum commenting etc

How does SEO benefit me and my site?

Think about the last time you were looking for something online. You may not have had the exact web address you wanted to visit but you know the topic / content you needed to be on that site. This is where Search Engines come in. You would have used one of the many listed above to feed your hunger for information which may have led you to many web sites with your similar query. Had those sites not done basic SEO techniques, you may not have been able to find them amongst the noise of those thousands web sites. SEO essentially drives visitors ,who have the potential to become your client, to your site. Sometimes its only 10, other times its only 100 while it could have possibilities of reaching 1 thousand visits at a time. Selling your product or service becomes much easier when the probability of a purchase is realized with this new found fame in this online world.

What’s wrong with my site?

Although the major Search Engine giants are making some massive improvements when it comes to indexing your site, they will be nothing without a little help from an SEO professional or maybe a self help professional such as yourself. Your site will need to have the proper tags with labels while having the content easily accessible for your viewers’ pleasure. The internet is a vast body of chaos which you can help fight your way through with the proper SEO techniques.

Should I hire a SEO professional?

The correct answer to this really depends on the individual before me. One would hire a SEO professional only if would not like to learn all the complexities of Search Engine Optimization. There are a lot of self help books out there that one can read to assist in their development so you can become as close to a pro as possible. One would also be inclined to hire a professional if they have tight goals in mind to achieve their desired results. Sometimes a site is too complex for the ordinary joe and as such a professional / skilled individual would be called in to take charge of the situation.

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