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Pay your invoice using credit card through PayPal

Hello Readers

We have been asked on numerous occasions how can we (client) pay our invoices through PayPal using their credit cards. I have created this blog post to answer just that and you wouldn’t believe how easy it is!


Step one for paying with PayPal using your credit Card


Login to your client area to view your invoice. Click PayPal checkout (sometimes you would see a subscription button if you have a service which will be recurring. Subscriptions allow the money to be withdrawn automatically so you do not have to keep going over the same steps again and again)




Step two for paying with PayPal using your Credit Card


Go ahead and click on “Pay with my credit  or Debit card” to use that method instead of using your paypal funds. You are almost finished!




Step three for paying with PayPal using your Credit Card


This is the second to last step here. Once you followed step two accurately, you will be presented with this drop down area with all those boxes to complete. If you filled in your information accurately on our site, your details will automatically be placed in the correct boxes. If not, then you will have to now correct that information before clicking on “Review and Continue”.  Once you have reviewed everything and you are satisfied you can click on checkout to pay your invoice using Credit Card in a highly secure environment.


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