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New Design; Almost a New Year

Hello once again,

If you haven’t visited Host Ultimo Ltd’s website in some time then you would be surprised to know that we implemented a new design! Yes we did  :) . With all the growth we experienced from within the Web Hosting section of the company, we decided it was time for a fresh new look for our clients. With this new design, we implemented a “specials” page HERE in which we will be posting all of our monthly and random specials to.

We are in the process of offering Reseller and VPS plans to our clients as well. That does not mean that we will be moving away from our web design services. No No No. We have found the need to offer these services as an added benefit to our exiting web design clients who owns many different websites and do not want to pay for multiple shared hosting accounts. We have added two more members to our tech support who are assigned to handle any VPS server trouble.

We have also improved on our ordering system. A ssl certificate was recently purchased to secure any data being transmitted on our site. If you are on a particular site and would like the benefit of having the https displayed in your browser simply add the “s” at the end of “http” and you would be secured throughout your time on the site.

We would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for visiting our site and we do hope that we meet someday in the near future. I personally would like to remind everyone that global warming affects us all and we should seriously consider the environment before we litter and pollute our oceans, streets, parks and homes.  Thank you again for visiting our blog. Have an excellent day.

Host Ultimo Ltd


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