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Magento: eCommerce software and platform for your business

Magento has made quite a remarkable name for themselves in the online realm of eCommerce software and platform which is trusted by the world’s leading brands from big businesses to small ones as well.

It offers a unique mixture of Enterprise software and the OpenSource community edition for those on a tight budget. Magento is simply perfect for those who are just starting out or even the professionals looking for alternative eCommerce platforms to work with and I will explain why!

SEO Built Right In

No need to download 3rd party applications or have an expensive developer custom make a plugin for you because Magento has made it their business to include SEO metrics as a standard feature. The URL’s are Search Engine friendly and it even generates a sitemap for those picky crawlers to locate.


Adaptable to YOU

One of the great features of Magento is the extremely modular setup which allows it to be highly customizable to any business or store. It doesn’t matter if you are running a clothing store or even an online grocery delivery service, Magento has a wide array of plugins and updates to suit your every need.


Easy to use

This is possible because it uses similar terms you would be familiar with to allow for easy setup and navigation of the site. Creating your online store, uploading pictures for your inventories and even setting up your payment options are super simple and easy to implement.


Online Support from the Community

Although the Enterprise software carries awesome premium support, you can obtain just as good quality support from the community online. They are always willing to help with your common issues from the mixture of entrepreneurs, developers and ordinary folks who probably overcame the challenges you are posting about.


Tight Core Features

I think this is what outshines the other eCommerce offerings out there because Magento is so solid with their standard features that it makes it difficult to switch to anything else but Magento Enterprise. The community edition is great out of the box and can be setup in 1 hour or less for a small scale store with roughly 20 product offerings.



Magento is a great all round application for those professionals and novices alike who are looking for a solid core with extendable features. We always recommend Magento for our ecommerce clients since it is also relatively easy to maintain once the proper hosting environment is setup . Feel free to check out our dedicated hosting options today to see which one is best sutied for you and your business.

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