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Let’s face it, no one really likes to read the rules but these rules helps to ensure we are on the same page when we do business together. We implement certain rules and guidelines to protect ourselves as well as to protect yourself while we conduct business together. We love you and always invite you to ask us questions before and after signing up.


Acceptable Usage
- Do not DDoS, Botnet, or otherwise engage in illegal activities
- Do not host illegal materials
- Abide by our Acceptable Usage Policy


- Any and all recompensation is made in the form of account credits. We do not do refunds.
- All client information must be accurately provided (name, current address, etc)
- Do not open multiple accounts
- Do not let other people pay your invoices
- All payments must be made from an account in your name
- All invoices must be paid before new product may be ordered


Account Security
- Do not use insecure passwords
- Do not place orders from open proxies/VPNs
- NEVER let others access your Client Portal account