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FeedBack anyone?

Being at the top is a good place to be…unless it negatively affects your customers! Often management is not aware of how their actions affect their customers and their business by extension. This is where the feedback comes into play!

Feedback can be a daunting task for managers and business owners but being in a position of authority, you are required to gain the upper hand in any situation to gain a better control of your business or the business you manage. We are not always fortunate to have employees who are brave enough to stand up to their employer or supervisor and let them know the faults within the organization so we may need to implement tools to churn that information out of them as politely as possible in order to get the company back on tract to success!

These are a few pointers which may assist one in implementing feedback

  • I’m anonymous – employees and customers alike may not feel motivated to provide vital information to you if they had to fill out identification information (even if it is optional) Let them be free to express their feelings confidentially and without bias so you may benefit from their submissions and further assist them as well.
  • I’m friendly and courteous – you need not be brute and harsh with your questions. Always try to portray a calm and relaxed environment for your volunteers keeping in mind that they will be willing to help you help them with their problems. Include nice words such as  “Thank You” , “Please”,  ” What do you suggest?” , “How do you view…?” etc. These words go a long way in your feedback forms
  • I’m an active listener – the reason behind all of this collecting of information and analysis is for them to start to see changes. Hold a meeting with the groups involved and let them know you care about their input. Better yet, show them that you care by implementing the changes starting now! They will appreciate it that and will feel more motivated to do business with you.
  • I’m not a afraid to ask for advice – don’t be stuck up and point your nose to the sky with things that you don’t understand. Ask for help if you need to. There are many consultants out there who will be willing to assist you with your feedback forms to get the desired results 100 times better.
  • I’m continuous – remember the process does not stop there. You have to always be on guard and have a listening ear. Continue to use your feedback forms as a guide for your business decisions or purchasing habits. Remember your actions at the top affects someone at the bottom either negatively or positively. Armed with the power to do better and the zeal to achieve success, you can make it and stay on top of things with your feedback forms!

Thank you for visiting and we wish you all the richest blessings and success!

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3 thoughts on “FeedBack anyone?

  1. A very valid point one must also consider is if the client “wants” to provide feedback. Often times you find that they don’t because they do not have negative things to say.

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