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Elto, formerly tweaky, refocuses again

Elto is a “Curated marketplace of expert marketers and developers.” based in San Francisco. Elto has long been a place for ordinary people seeking tweaks or quick fixes to their website, to come into contact to some of the most talented web designers, developers and marketing professionals to give them a seamless experience for the problems they face on a daily basis.

Elto was funded by Blackbird Ventures which is a VC firm based in Sydney Australia dedicated towards helping to build global Internet startups from Australia. They partner with a narrow set of Internet companies so that they can use their experience and networks, as well as their capital, to help companies grow exponentially.


Elto was given a strategic partner in business with Blackbird’s investment since they were also instrumental in other brands such as Canva, Ninja Blocks, CoinJar, Sessions and even Wow Such Business to name a few.


As with any business, Elto did experience problems in the beginning which is how the name was changed from Tweaky in the first place. They wanted to evolve from simply offering website tweaks (which are ideally short term) to a more long term endeavour by also offering business growth strategies and marketing consultations to those small businesses. This makes enormous since from a business standpoint since they are seeking to not only help your business in the short run, but also for years to come.


Elto offered a wide array of services which included Shopify tweaks, WordPress tweaks and customizations, Magento support, SEO related services and even Bigcommerce assistance. They have come a long way to hone and really focus their skills through dynamic team members and inspirational managers such as Ned Dwyer who has been instrumental in Elto’s growth and success.


With all of that said, many of you might be wondering what solutions may exists in the market place today to deal with the void left in the interim. Well, there is always the good old fashioned seeking a freelance developer, designer or marketer to complete your project. You may come to realise that a freelancer would be able to give you that level of personalisation and unique friendly touch you need. For larger and more demanding projects, you may opt for a Web Development company which already has existing Team Leaders.


In closure, my question to you is How has Elto formerly Tweaky impacted your life as an Entrepreneur / Developer or Marketer?


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