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Elto, formerly tweaky, refocuses again

Elto is a “Curated marketplace of expert marketers and developers.” based in San Francisco. Elto has long been a place for ordinary people seeking tweaks or quick fixes to their website, to come into contact to some of the most talented web designers, developers and marketing professionals to give them a seamless experience for the problems they face on a daily basis.

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SSDs Vs Hard Drives – A Webhosting Perspective

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the way of the future for mission critical business websites. As with anything. time brings change. Today, I would be discussing the massive changes SSDs have made for the Web Hosting Industry in particular. Traditional hard drives are a thing of the past. The future is SSD and it’s here to sweep you off your feet.

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Receive PayPal payments in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello Folks,

There was a pleasant surprise today for all PayPal users in Trinidad and Tobago. You are now given the option to receive payments into your paypal account just like any other.

This additional feature does come with transaction fees but the fees are not that bad compared to other merchants. Both Merchants and Personal accounts will be able to receive and send payments from their account from now on.

For additional reading, you may visit the paypal website for information on the matter. If you can’t find the information we may edit this post to include the links later on.


[shows Trinidad and Tobago added to the list of countries to send and receive payments via paypal]

[shows the fees charged for Trinidad and Tobago nationals to receive payments in their country via paypal]

[also shows a list of fees charged for Trinidad and Tobago nationals to receive payments in their country via paypal]

Thank you for reading.

Host Ultimo LLC family

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Please help Haiti for the earthquake

Hello again,

As a company we see always see the need to help our fellowmen when they are in trouble and as such we are doing our part by broadcasting a donation service for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

We all know that Haiti has suffered a massive earthquake and we need to do our part as Human Beings to help this nation in this time of need. We have already showed our support for Haiti during their time of need. Now it is your turn. Give to Haiti today and have a better life tomorrow.

Please help Haiti.

Text “HAITI” to code GIVE (4483) to donate $10.00 TTD. Bmobile sends all proceeds to Medianet & Red Cross Relief Funds. Give to save a life TODAY.

Host Ultimo Ltd Family



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Web Design Discount for Trinidad and Tobago

Hey one and all.

Its that time of year again and the family of Host Ultimo Ltd has decided to reward its Trinidad and Tobago clients and potential clients with the savings of a lifetime. This promotion is specific to Trinidad and Tobago nationals only who would like to finally get their own website for personal or company use.

On reason why Host Ultimo Ltd always stands out from the rest is the bold fact that we are not afraid to post our prices online. We operate our business on the reliability of our close-netted designers and our family-like structure.

See how easy it is to get your business up and running today. Take the combo deal for your once in a lifetime experience

We have a special combo package in store for every one and the details are listed below:-

Special Website Design Package



Special Package: Web Design x Domain x Hosting

Special Web Design Offer Price: $3000 TTD $1450 TTD

Web Design features:

  • Three [3]  uniquely designed website pages [Home, Sub and Blank page]
  • No limit on the amount of images you want to use for your site
  • FREE advertising for one month for your website online
  • FREE minor text changes for one month
  • FREE Search Engine Optimization [Site will be found by google,yahoo&msn searches]

Domain Name features:

  • One FREE domain name for one full year []
  • FREE domain name setup to link to your hosting account with Host Ultimo Ltd

Web Hosting features:

  • FREE web hosting for one month
  • 2048 Mega Byte [MB] of Disk Space [storage space to hold website]
  • 20480 Mega Byte [MB] of BandWidth [allows persons to visit your website]
  • Ability to create instant blogs & forums [allows you to share your views with the world]
  • UNLIMITED email accounts for you and your business
  • FREE initial email account setup []

Please Note: If more website pages are required than the amount in the chosen package, there will be a charge of $350 TTD per page


Please take the time to visit our site at and join our facebook and twitter groups.

Call 620-0591 to place your order today

Host Ultimo Ltd Family

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Mairoon Ali | Life of any party

Mairoon Ali the great

Mairoon Ali the great

“The Winner”, “A Champ”, “All Start Performer”. Those are just some of the words that pop into my head when I hear the name Mairoon Ali. She is an an inspiration to us all who have devoted much deserved time and effort to ensure the young people of Trinidad and Tobago does not go wayward by the road side. She is a devoted mother and an exceptional performer who always seeks for betterment for her nation and also for herself.

Full of life and zeal and always on her toes when it comes to current events no matter how old those current events were. Her great knowledge of History , Arts and Culture has given her great insight into the workings of her Trinidad and Tobago comrades. So much so that she could make even the “stubbonist” of all men hold their belly laughing while doing a back flip drinking a milky.

Although she is a queen in her own right she preferred the name Aunty and Aunty Mairoon at that! She has become a part of everyone’s family had many homes because of this. She is the life of any party you attend. Any function you pop into. She is always the center of attention. She loves it and we love her.

Do you remember when I said that Aunty Mairoon has many homes? Well she visited one of them today and will be back shortly. I would like to take the moment to thank Aunty Mairoon for the life she shared with us all and she will truly be missed in this dark hour. Only now I understand why she had to go. Only now may we begin to understand the inner most workings of the system and that is that the Almighty father wanted his Angel back. He needed to laugh as we have laughed. He needed that inner most joy as we have felt. He needed simply to feel the compassion for others like Aunty Mairoon has given to us.

“The Winner”, “A Champ”, “All Start Performer”. Those are just some of the words that pop into my head when I hear the name Mairoon Ali but never dead. Mairoon Ali, you were always the life of the party and would truly be missed.

Name: Justin Scipio

Title: Just one of the many persons in Trinidad and Tobago Aunty Mairoon Ali has touched with her creativity and zeal

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