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Attract clients with an Attractive Website

There are many people and companies out there who fail to realize the integral part their websites plays in attracting clients to them. They are forever caught up with the personal interaction that they fail to address the online interaction as well.

(1) Proper Call to Action

This is where you have precise marketing tools placed on your site to persuade your audience to react to a particular product or service instantly. This can take the form of a combination of text, images or multimedia.

(2) Specials sell!

Always try to design specials and promotions every day or maybe every week for the least. This encourages clients and non clients to continue visiting your website to always seek out a special that suit their needs. They will make it a routine to visit and may even encourage their friends to do the same especially if they see a special specifically designed for their friends.

(3) Stay connected means Staying in their heads

This holds true from all time and eternity. Make sure and have your company’s name and contact details clearly listed on your site. This will allow your clients to always be in touch with you. Don’t forget to also put your working hours especially if this is your personal phone, you will need to let your potential customers know when they can contact you. Always having a pleasant disposition is a must have when dealing with the general public. Always be willing to assist and listen to your clients so you can address their issues accurately. This gives you an added advantage by allowing them to always remember you and talk about you constantly with friends and family.

(4) Analyse your traffic

Their are a lot of free programs out their which help you to assess your visitors as to which country they are coming from, pages they land on and even which page they left your site or stopped browsing. Its up to you to make that data into usable information to assist your business further. You can specifically design promotions for different age groups or even different countries.

All of the above can greatly assist you with making your website the best it can be. All these points addresses various problems even at the design stage of a website and we hope you use them to your benefit.

Until next time.

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