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Advertise using minimal funds of your own

How can one advertise their business when the business is just starting up and has minimal funds to work with? How can we enter into our desired market field and continue to maintain our presence without much money? How can you promote your business in the utmost affordable way?


Small businesses have always struggled with finding affordable means in which to advertise their business and that is why we have sort to make life easier for them by sharing our knowledge in this field.


  1. Proper Planning – Planning is always worth the time and should be the first thing that you invest your time in. You need to determine who you are actually selling to and where you are going to meet and interact with those types of people. Are you selling to your local supermarket owner who has thousands of consumers on a daily basis or are you selling to a single mom with three kids working two jobs. Consider also what will be your prospects’ daily schedule like? Will they be browsing online for your product or services or will they be out and about looking for your store front to purchase items? All these must go into your planning and it is only when you know this knowledge that you may be better equipped to promote your business wisely.
  2. Websites Work – Websites are ways in which you can interact with your prospects in real time without actually being there. A well designed FAQ page can go a long way to help your prospects know more about your company and the products or services you offer.
  3. Free Online Listings – You can visit Google, Yahoo and Bing to submit your business information there together with the link to your website [if you have one] so that your prospects can find you online much easier. It is a known fact that businesses which are easier to find get the most sales
  4. Social Media is your Friend – The same way how you should submit your business to the local search directories, you should also set up business profiles on the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin so you may engage your clients and prospective clients on a one on one basis to keep them interested and updated on company news and happenings
  5. Stationery is a plus – If you do not have your very own business card, letterhead and general stationery you should do so immediately. These are important tools which will assist you in your marketing efforts. Clients pass on business cards to friends and in turn they pass this on to friends which help in bringing in business awareness which in turn leads to more sales for your business.
  6. Referrals a MUST – talking with the right persons can also bring in business. If you have a handful of clients, they can refer their friends and others to your business to benefit them and you as well.
  7. Socialize the Business way – business is not only about work work work. You have to get out there and socialize. Get into professional groups which directly or indirectly relates to your business. This will help expand your network of contacts and later on expand your network of clients.
  8. Unique selling points – always look for ways in which your business is different from the rest and then just publicize that. This will bring the type of PR your business wants and needs.
  9. Share your knowledge – write articles for your daily newspapers which directly relates to your field. Prospects will see how knowledgeable you are and will be inclined to purchase from you and not your competitors.
  10. Free Trials and Demonstrations – once your product or service fits into this category you should always try to give demos and Free Trials to your prospects so that they may witness for themselves the truth of your advertising pitch for themselves. There is no better way to do this .



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